Addressing parental substance abuse during custody and parenting time dispute benefits both parents and their children.

“Parental substance abuse is a serious problem affecting the well-being of children and families. The co-occurence of parental substance abuse and problematic parenting is recognized as a major public health concern.” 

Research shows that children with parents who abuse alcohol or drugs are more likely to experience abuse or neglect than children in other households.Intervening effectively in the lives of these children and their families is not the responsibility of a single agency or professional group, but rather it is a shared community concern.” 

Parenting Through Transition LLC recognizes the urgent need for a best practice approach and recommends that parents and their attorneys consult expert professionals such as Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors (LADC) with expertise in forensic assessments to address the substance abuse during the custody dispute.

I prepared a document inviting professionals in the community to form a task force and participate in the creation of best practices. I attach the link here for your review.

Parental substance abuse, child safety and best interest in custody and parenting time disputes 

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