Create a Parenting Plan

Create a Parenting Plan 

The Parenting Plan is a document that details the agreements the parents reached on how they will care for their child/ren.

Before entering negotiations with the other parent, each parent must determine what parenting arrangements will be in their child/ren’s best interest. Marie José helps parents develop parenting plans as proposals to each other, to the court or as the result of a mediated cooperative effort.

When parents communicate without hostility, a parenting plan may include general guidelines that leave room for accommodations to the changing needs of the child/ren and the households.

When parents have difficulty communicating with each other and experience repetitive conflicts, a parenting plan must clearly define (with specific details) each parent’s responsibility to the child/ren and to the other parent during their parenting time and during transition of the child/ren from one parent to the other.

When parenting by one or both parents is affected by issues such as alcohol/chemical dependency, power imbalance, domestic abuse, jail time, a parenting plan will include specific measures to insure a safe access for the child to each parent.

Ways to prepare a Parenting Plan with me:

  • One parent prepares a parenting plan to present to the other parent either personally, through the attorney, the mediator, to an evaluator at a SENE (Social Early Neutral Evaluation) or directly to the court when self-represented
  • Both parents participate in the preparation of the Parenting Plan in a meeting they attend together
  • Both parents participate in the creation of a parenting plan during separate consults with Marie-Jose and without ever meeting together

Parents or their legal representatives file the parenting plan with the Court when required.

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Selected co-parenting plan guidelines:

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