Coercive Control in intimate relationship / Two books

Invisible Chains by Lisa Aronson Fontes

Lisa Aronson Fontes book is the first self-help book focusing on Coercive Control in intimate relationships (a form of Domestic Abuse) which for many, occurs without any or much physical violence. This book is for individuals who, in an effort to maintain peace in the relationship/home, have abdicated to a partner who controls access to resources, demands submission, isolates, blames, shames and chips away at their sense of worth and capacity for decision-making.

The coercive and controlling dynamics usually render separation extraordinarily difficult and persist during the negotiations that follow in mediation, trial (e.g. asset division, custody, parenting time) and in co-parenting.

Individuals involved in separation, divorce, custody and parenting time disputes will gain from reading this book as they will identify the thinking patterns, emotions, and behaviors that entrap them and those that will free them and their children. It is a must read for professionals, especially for those providing services to families involved in separation, divorce, custody disputes and those experiencing family distress and transition.

What Is Coercive Control By Jennifer Perry     

Jennifer, in commenting on her book, writes: “Last year, I helped campaign for a new UK law on Coercive Control. That law was passed in March 2015 and came into force on the 29th of December 2015.”

“I’m writing this book for all the women and men who experience the psychological, financial, isolating and monitoring forms of coercive control, so they can understand it and the new law.”

Note: The law Jennifer refers to was enacted in UK. A law on Coercive Control does not exists in the U.S.A..