Consulting for Attorneys

 Consulting services for Attorneys

Taking into account  the complex dynamics that emerge in an abusive relationship is critical for attorneys representing clients. Otherwise the clients are presented with “One-size fits all solutions” that get them through the legal process without securing measures to insure a safe and healthy future. My consulting service offers attorneys the advantage of focusing on their legal tasks with the reassurance that an expert is focusing on the complicated psycho-social factors of the case.

As alternative dispute resolution or litigation support, I work to:

  • Identify the behaviors in the parties that interfere with decision, communication and co-parenting.
  • Create parenting plans to address the problematic, recalcitrant, and often misunderstood co-parenting behaviors.
  • Perform domestic abuse screens and danger assessments. Provide a summary of the implications for the case to the attorney.
  • Clarify how high conflict, control, abuse, violence, substance abuse, alienating or gatekeeping behaviors impact the client’s behavior, legal disputes and co-parenting.
  • Identify, sort, collect relevant information, facts, evidence and collateral sources.
  • Help prepare clients for ADR, trial, and custody evaluation so that the client can effectively communicate to the judicial officer or its delegate the facts of the case.
  • Provide an analysis of the Custody Evaluator’s work-product primarily addressing methodology errors in data collection, analysis, and recommendations. I also highlight evidence of false premises, biases and lack of knowledge that lead to incorrect conclusions, irrelevant and often prejudicial recommendations.

The service I provide is not therapy or legal advice.