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Links to Helpful Documents and Websites

Communication Guide in High Conflict Co-Parenting by Marie José

Child’s greatest dilemma by Marie José. Thoughts and feelings your child experiences about the parents’ conflicts.

Child-Focused-Parenting-Time-Guide by the Minnesota State Court Administrator’s Advisory Committee on Child-Focused Parenting Time

Holiday schedule (christian) Minneapolis by Marie José.

Fears parenting time and custody disputes by Marie José. Fears parents experience related to parenting time and custody disputeS.

What to Tell the Kids About a HCP coparent by Bill Eddy

BIFF Response (to High Conflict Co-Parent) by Bill Eddy

AFCC Coparenting Communication Guide by AFCC Arizona Chapter

Children in Between  online class approved for Minnesota courts; 3-5 hours to complete; includes videos; printable certificate upon completion.

Our Family Wizard Marie José recommends parents use OFW. It allows you to keep all communications with your co-parent separate from your regular email. It stores unaltered complete record of communications, including agreements for future reference and evidence for disputes in court.

Distinguishing between “Conflictual” and “Cooperative” co-parenting, by Deena Stacer ph.D., YouTube Video:

Dr Greene approach to challenging behaviors in children by Dr. Greene.  Challenging behaviors in children are caused by a lack of skills to cope with demands. Visit his website:



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