Managing your case

Marie José assists you in clarifying the issues you face, your expectations and goals.  We identify challenges, risks and benefits of options you may consider. We discuss how to:

  • Clarify how the abuse/control/violence, high conflict co-parenting, allegations of alienation or gatekeeping impact the dispute and co-parenting.
  • Work with the attorney to best address the complicating factors (violence/control/high conflict/allegations) in the court, and its alternatives (e.g. mediation, SENE), in deciding on custody and co-parenting arrangements.
  • Prepare for custody evaluation.
  • Create/modify/manage co-parenting agreements and a co-parenting plan.
  • Prevent and manage conflicts and communication with your child’s other parent.
  • Reduce your child’s exposure to conflict and increase your child’s resilience.

When you are represented, consultation usually occurs in cooperation with your attorney. A signed agreement with your attorney protects from discovery all communications and the work-product of Parenting Through Transition.

Marie José informs and supports you through the difficult times. The service Marie José provides is not therapy or legal advice.


Marie José:

  • Provides support on a one-on-one basis.
  • Helps create a safety plan.
  • Informs victims about what they can expect from the legal process (not legal advice).
  • Accompanies parent to meetings with attorney, mediation, court hearings and other legal proceedings.

Communication and Decision Making

Marie José coaches parents how to regain control of their family life during the high-conflict divorce process, custody dispute and in co-parenting.

Parents learn how to:

  • Ignore the blame, criticism, shame, demands, threats, intimidation, acts of retaliation.
  • Communicate productively and focus on problem solving.
  • Respond to in-person attacks, voice-mail, text and e-mail messages.
  • Set limits and boundaries with co-parent who acts intrusively.
  • Make decision focused on the best interest of the child/ren.
  • Please read: Communication Guide in High Conflict Co-Parenting 03.2017

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Electronic Communication (Text and Email)

Marie José recommends parents use:

Benefits of specialized on-line services listed above:

  • Provide a medium and structure for communications.
  • Keep unaltered complete record of communications, including agreements for future reference and evidence for disputes in court.
  • Allow for parents to share a calendar where all activities are recorded.
  • Keep records of updates to each parent about the child(ren).
  • Store documents regarding the child(ren), e.g. medical records, expense/payment log.

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