Parent Coach


No matter how distressing the issues, clients leave the consulting session feeling understood, relieved, more skilled and optimistic.

Marie José assists you to:

  • Manage fear and find solutions.
  • Clarify how the high conflict, control, abuse, violence, substance abuse, alienating, gatekeeping behaviors (or allegations thereof) affect the dispute and co-parenting.
  • Work with your attorney.
  • Prepare for participation in custody evaluation, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) (e.g. mediation, SENE), hearings and trials.
  • Create parenting time/custody/co-parenting plans.
  • Reduce your children’s exposure to conflict and increase your children’s resilience.

The service Marie José provides is not therapy or legal advice.

Communication and Decision Making

Marie José coaches parents how to regain control of their family life during the high-conflict divorce process, custody dispute and in co-parenting.

Parents learn how to:

To schedule a  session:

Electronic Communication (Text and Email)

Marie José recommends parents use:

Benefits of specialized on-line services listed above:

  • Provide a medium and structure for communications.
  • Keep unaltered complete record of communications, including agreements for future reference and evidence for disputes in court.

Contact: / 651-432-4433