Co-Parenting/Divorce Class

Court Mandated Co-Parenting Class

Please note that there will be no co-parenting class this season. Marie José is reviewing curriculums that focus on assisting parents engaged in custody disputes involving High-Conflict, Domestic Abuse, Gatekeeping/Alienation allegations, Chemical Dependency and other complicating factors.

I remain available for consultation and coaching in divorce, co-parenting, custody/parenting time dispute, to review custody evaluation reports when high-conflict, domestic abuse, coercive control, violence, alienation and gatekeeping allegations are involved.


Until I resume teaching, please consider taking the following classes:

High conflict:

Online Parenting Programs approved in MN. Select the 6 hour program titled 6 hour online Co-Parenting / Divorce.

Minimal conflict:

Parents Forever Program is available In-Person and On-Line and is approved by MN courts.

Email / 651-432-4433