Services to attorneys

Marie José understands that cases involving high conflict and domestic abuse are only a small part of an attorney’s practice. Her service offers the advantage of allowing the legal team to focus on its pressing legal tasks with the reassurance that an expert is focusing on issues related to high-conflict, conflictual co-parenting, domestic abuse, coercive control, violence, alienation and gatekeeping allegations of the divorce and custody/parenting time dispute case at hand.

  • Provide client emotional support and education to help client effectively communicate with attorney and testify in front of the judge
  • Help attorney prepare client for ADR, trial, custody evaluation and assist throughout the process
  • Clarify how the high conflict, domestic abuse/coercive control/violence, allegations of alienation or gatekeeping impacts the client’s position, dispute and co-parenting
  • Identify options, risks and benefits to best address the complicating factors (high conflict/violence/control/false allegations) in court, and its alternatives (e.g. mediation, SENE), in deciding on custody and co-parenting arrangements
  • Assist attorney in identifying, sorting, collecting relevant evidence and collateral sources
  • Review/Critique a completed Custody Evaluator’s work highlighting the strengths and weaknesses and providing alternatives with a focus on high conflict, abuse/control/violence, alienating behaviors and gatekeeping
  • Provide professional documentation (peer-reviewed articles and Standards of Practice) to argue and support position
  • Defer to other experts matters that are outside Marie José’s area of expertise
  • Accompany client to meetings with attorney, mediation, court hearings and other legal proceedings
  • Help client create a safety plan

⊕Agreement must be signed before initiating services.

⊕The service Marie José provides is not therapy, counseling or legal advice.

Contact: / 651-432-4433